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Why do we offer no-commitment

At Virtual Cable we do not believe in licenses

Licensing makes VDI projects more expensive, binds customers, and creates harmful vendor lock-in. For this reason, we offer our solutions through an annual subscription model by numbers of users with no long-term commitment, including support and product updates.

To achieve our mission of democratizing the adoption of VDI technology, we cap our prices, but offer limitless possibilities. We make sure that you can adapt your VDI infrastructure with UDS Enterprise to the present and future needs of your organization without an unaffordable increase in costs, in a simple and intelligent way.

At Virtual Cable we do not believe in licenses | UDS Enterprise

Flat rate

You will never lose control of your expenditure!
You will always know the maximum amount you are going to pay, regardless of the number of users you need to add to your VDI infrastructure

in the same subscription.
No hidden costs.
No additional investment.

ALL the functionalities of UDS Enterprise, including:

  • Advanced security features
  • High availability
  • Load distribution and prioritization

In ANY ENVIRONMENT, with the possibility of intelligent and automatic overflows between any platform:

Ask for the subscription price that best suits your business model

To know the total cost, you just have to send us an email indicating the type of solution, the number of users you need, and the years you want to enjoy our subscription.

Email us at: [email protected]


4% discount per subscription year | UDS Enterprise

Our prices include an additional 4% discount per subscription year, with a maximum of 3 years

The Education sector has a 33.33% discount | UDS Enterprise

The Education sector rates have a 33.33% discount incorporated

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You can consult the description, terms and conditions of the UDS Enterprise subscriptions here

  • Renewal Conditions: The renewal of subscriptions must be carried out in a concatenated way, that is, the start date of the renewal of a subscription will always be the day after the end of the current subscription.
  • When a subscription is not renewed, the UDS Enterprise software cannot be updated or any patch applied, the right to receive any type of support will be lost and no new user can be registered