UDS Enterprise is synonymous

The unbreakable VDI by design:
Maximum integrated security

UDS Enterprise is the workplace digitization
solution that always meets expectations

UDS Enterprise facilitates compliance with the Spanish National Security Framework (ENS) and with the highest international standards

You no longer have to worry about:

  • Where your employees connect from
  • The Wi-Fi network they use
  • The device they access from (BYOD)
  • Lack of awareness and training
  • Cyber-attacks targeted to the workplace
  • Any type of malware
the workplace digitization solution | UDS ENTERPRISE

Workspaces always PROTECTED

Choose ONE or ALL these options:

  • VDI
  • vApp
  • Remote access to devices

And keep ALWAYS protected:

  • The organization’s sensitive information
  • IT systems
  • Communications
  • User data

With no extra components.
With no third-party software. With no additional costs.

How do we provide seamless comprehensive and robust protection?

UNITY is strength

This is the UDS ENTERPRISE formula
to guarantee SECURITY:

UDS Secure Tunnel
Native integration of advanced security mechanisms
Advantages inherent to VDI technology
Compatibility with third-party systems

= the most SECURE combination

Developed by Virtual Cable

Developed by Virtual Cable, it is the component of UDS Enterprise that guarantees that all the data that is transmitted through the connections will never be compromised.

UDS Secure Tunnel in depth:
• SSL Tunnel
• End-to-end encryption
• Secure connection link
• Encrypts the information
• Secures WAN connections

UDS Secure Tunnel
Developed by Virtual Cable

Multifactor authentication powered by UDS

SMS Token

Token via email

Through Radius

TOTP Token

  • MFA or 2FA
  • With no third-party software
  • Efficient protection against identity theft

Do you prefer other MFA options?

  1. With any third-party provider that supports SAML 2
    • Azure AD
    • WatchGuard AuthPoint
    • Google Workspace
    • Cisco DUO
    • OneLogin
    • Shibboleth
    • LastPass
    • MiniOrange
    • NetIQ Advanced Authentication de Novell
    • Entrust
    • Auth0 and more
  2. With any one-time password (TOTP) system: Google Authenticator, Microsoft Authenticator
  3. MFA at the operating system level
Multifactor authentication powered by UDS | UDS ENTERPRISE
With any one-time password (TOTP) system | UDS Enterprise
Developed by Virtual Cable

Zero Trust powered by UDS

Zero Trust powered by UDS | UDS ENTERPRISE
  1. Stop the system from storing passwords
  2. Prevent access keys from traveling across connections

Block credential theft
under any circumstances


  • Granular access control policies: Define which devices are allowed to access
  • Filter by operating system
  • Restrict access by IP
  • Limit Wi-Fi type
  • Authorize only specific devices
Advanced Zero Trust Settings | UDS ENTERPRISE

Least privilege rules: decide what users can do

  • Redirection of units. Specific permissions for:
  1. USBs
  2. Webcams
  3. Card readers (cryptographic, smartcards)
  • Grant or deny permissions:
  1. Reading and writing
  2. Share, upload or download files
  3. Cut, copy and paste documents
  4. Access to resources
  5. Use services at specific times with personalized calendars
  6. Visit certain websites
  7. Use software and applications
  8. “Staff Member” permissions

Authorize specific users to:
Access and edit platform elements: service pools, virtual desktops or applications…

Control and choose everything the user can do on the system

Developed by Virtual Cable

Double validation powered by UDS

Strengthen security with this innovative split authentication system developed by Virtual Cable.

  • The system requests username and password:
  1. In the login portal
  2. When accessing a service (VDI, vApp, or remote computer)

Supports external tools

Ephemeral desktops

  • Isolated and secure environments with their own policies
  • Clean and verified computer at each login
  • Just log out and log back in to remove any malware
  • Data or user settings are not stored

Efficient protection against ransomware, phishing wiper, scareware…

Ephemeral desktops | UDS ENTERPRISE
Developed by Virtual Cable

Trusted Host for Admins powered by UDS

  • Guarantees that administrators are 100% trustworthy
  • Limits the IPs, networks or subnets that can access the administration

certificate checking

Ephemeral desktops | UDS ENTERPRISE
  • To connect to UDS
  • On external connections
  • Ensures that all components of the VDI infrastructure have valid and trusted certificates.
  • Support of self-signed or own certificates

Random password
for Windows and Linux

Ephemeral desktops | UDS ENTERPRISE
  • Protection against password extracting hacking tools
  • Automatic change of password in each autogenerated virtual desktop
  • Prevents several VDI from having the same password
  • Passwords only visible to administrators.
    Never for users

Automatic session timeout

  • Determine an idle time in seconds
  • The system closes the session once that period has elapsed.
  • Applicable to administrators and users
  • Prevents another user from using a session that has been left open


  • High-grade encrypted connections on all UDS components
  • Option of using VPN
  • Automatic checks
  • Controls and monitors systems and communications in real time
  • Facilitates compliance with current Data Protection regulations (GDPR)
  • Antivirus and security software always updated

Security advantages inherent to VDI technology

  • Data does not leave the company, users work with it remotely
  • Information is stored on secure external servers
  • All IT infrastructure remains under the control of the IT department
  • Virtual desktops in private and segmented networks
  • Automation minimizes potential human error
Security advantages inherent to VDI technology | UDS ENTERPRISE

Compatibility with third-party systems

Backup systems
Cloud protection
And more

We work with leading security manufacturers

We work with leading security manufacturers

And with specialized monitoring firms

And with specialized monitoring firms

Choose the solution that critical infrastructures around the world have adopted for workplace virtualization

Robust and flexible security | UDS Enterprise

UDS Enterprise:
Robust and flexible security

99.03% of our customers do not apply extra security measures

But thanks to the flexibility of the software, you always have the last word

Listen to our customers

Do you have doubts about the security of our solutions?

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UDS Enterprise

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