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As José Bernardo Alós, Computing & Comm. Responsible Development, tells:

“UDS Corporate has proven to be an efficient solution to provide engineers with a flexible and safe work environment. We have been impressed by the dramatic cost reduction we have achieved”



Centralized IT management of 41 residences with UDS Enterprise VDI in the cloud

Ibor Rodríguez, Director of Systems and Technology:

“The versatility of UDS Enterprise has allowed us to migrate to a new, much more efficient environment in a very simple way”

Andorra Police

VDI for telecommuting in less than a week with UDS Enterprise

Jordi Giribet, Head of IT:

“We decided to put our trust in UDS Enterprise thanks to its ease installation and deployment, both at the server and user level”

Autonomous University of Madrid

Windows and Linux virtual desktops for 35,000 users with UDS Enterprise

Julio Álvarez, Systems Manager of the IT Support Technical Unit:

“Its simple interface and the ability to choose hypervisors, authenticators and connection protocols were decisive factors”

Badajoz Provincial Council

Virtualization of applications with high availability for 300 connected locations

Eladio Maqueda, Head of Systems:

“UDS Enterprise was just what we needed, a solution to virtualize simple, yet technically very comprehensive applications”

Benalmadena City Council

Secure teleworking to guarantee quality support for citizens

Victor Navas, Mayor:

“Thanks to the implementation of UDS Enterprise, we have implemented teleworking under optimal and efficient conditions in record time”

Canary Islands Ombudsman Office

Centralized management of workstations across 7 islands with UDS Enterprise VDI

José Celso Pérez, IT Advisor:

“UDS Enterprise’s VDI technology has simplified the management of workstations and has strengthened the security of our systems”

Carlos III University of Madrid

A flexible VDI infrastructure, with an optimal user experience

Alfonso J. Puebla, Coordinator of the Technical Unit for Teaching Spaces:

“The flexibility of UDS Enterprise allows us to use multiple hypervisors, authenticators and connection protocols simultaneously”

Catholic University of Louvain

Flexibility to access the software they need from any place and on any device

Frédéric Malengreau, Head of the Support Department:

“We found the flexibility of UDS Enterprise useful, and we were amazed by the efficiency of the support team when requesting improvements or updates”


Lower costs, better security and experience with UDS Enterprise VDI

João Pinote – IT Manager:

“We have reduced technology and IT management costs, improved security, our backup system and the user experience”

Complutense University of Madrid

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William Wallace
Police Inspector

“Since the implementation of the remote virtual teaching environment with UDS Government, we have simplified training for officers”

Xabier Ormaetxea
Technician Responsible for Innovation at Fagor Industrial

“We chose UDS Corporate for its flexibility, cost, speed of installation and secure access from any device”

Francisco Javier Navas González
IT Systems Program Director

“With UDS Government, we can access the software and apps we need to deal with emergencies at any time, from any place and device”

Massimo Vignone
University Systems and Network Administrator
of Módena an Reggio Emilia

“Compared to other more expensive and complex VDI solutions, UDS Education is really easy to install, configure and use”

Juan Alfaro Márquez
Strategic Director of Economic and Social Innovation of the Provincial Council of Huelva

“Thanks to UDS Government, we can guarantee the security of the information handled by the provincial council employees and the region’s city councils.”

David Jiménez
Systems and Security Manager

“We decided to adopt a stable, strong and durable remote working solution. That’s why we chose UDS Health”

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