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by | Nov 26, 2015

A wide number of ICT experts from different organizations and most Spanish universities have met this week at RedIRIS Technical Conference 2015 in Santa Cruz de Tenerife (Spain).

One of the topics showcased in DOCENCIA-NET working group was Remote PC: 24x7 workplace. Ramón Gómez Labrador, from University of Sevilla, explained this project, which aims at "using the computer labs in the university during non-school hours using any device".

Gómez Labrador said both teachers and students are only able to access the university’s computers from Monday to Friday, when the center is open, and they are working to “leverage current hardware and use it 24×7 accessing remotely anytime, anywhere and using any device“.

Another advantage is the greater use of operating systems licences already installed in the computer classrooms. In the same way as hardware, with this new functionality they are used anytime, any day istead of just during the opening hours.

It is the same with the specialized labs, the specific resources are available 24×7.

Users only need a web browser to access the university website, where they find all the services they need. “The access is performed through UDS Enterprise broker, which communicates with OpenGnsys orchestrator to give the requested orders to computers in ICT classrooms”, tells Ramón Goméz, and thus make computers available to users anytime they request them.

Major Spanish universities use UDS Enterprise as multiplatform connection broker to deploy and administer virtual and physical desktops, applications and other Windows and Linux services.

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