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by | Feb 25, 2016

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There are Linux distros designed to meet the specific needs of a single professional sector or a concrete group of users. In this posts we are listing some of them we found at Omicrono

-Scientific Linux: A distro built by CERN and Fermilab scientifics who decided to create a special operating system for universities and labs worldwide. It is Red Hat Linux based and offers a stable and scalable desktop which enables the development of scientific applications.

CAE Linux: It was designed for engineers, since it allows to build CAD or CAM files, optimize the design of pieces performing fluids or physics simulations, 3D printing and designing PCBs and electronic circuits. It is based on Ubuntu and Gnome and includes a wide variety of Open Source vApp.

KXStudio: It incorporates the most used applications to edit audio in Linux and the fathers of this distro have developed special complements and tools for the professionals of this sector, like Cadence. It can be downloaded with an Ubuntu 14.04 based distro or you can add its repositories to Ubuntu or Debian.

Steam OS: Valve‘s Linux distro specially designed for gamers. There is a calatogue including hundreds of compatible games and you can play in streaming using a Windows device.

Sugar: An Open Source alternative to introduce informatics to children with maths, orthography, even simple programming activities. It also has a social network and tools for teachers and parents.



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