60% of qualified employees could work from home

by | May 14, 2020

About 60% of qualified workers could carry out their professional work from home. The potential number of jobs that could be developed from home amounts to something over 30%. This is data provided by the Banco de España in its report “Remote working in Spain”, prepared after surveying a group of companies. The objective of this document is to analyze how the adoption of remote work has evolved, the current situation, and the possibilities it offers in the future for different groups of workers and companies.

According to the report, practically 80% of companies have increased teleworking during the lockdown period. A quite significant percentage, which contrasts with the scarce 8.4% of employed people who worked occasionally from their residence in 2019.

In addition to providing a series of figures of great interest, in the article they analyze the important advantages of remote work since the state of alarm was decreed. For all non-essential activities it has been the only way to maintain business continuity.

They also affirm that facilitating this way of working is the key to reducing the number of infections and controlling the spread of the disease. “In the current phase of de-escalation, remote working can help a progressive return to jobs that makes the activity compatible with the maintenance of the safety distance and limit the possibility of re-sprouts“, they indicate.

The Bank of Spain recalls that the benefits of telecommuting go far beyond avoiding production stops during health alert situations such as the one we are experiencing. There are studies, such as the one carried out by Bloom in 2015, that allow to link the increase in productivity with work from home. They cite the example of a Chinese travel agency that in 9 months increased its productivity by 13%.

Likewise, they point out that according to some reviews, teleworking is “a good option to extend the working life of employees, since flexibility in hours is something that is especially appreciated by people who are approaching retirement age”.

In conclusion, there is a vast margin for improvement regarding the implementation of remote work, the practice of which could be significantly expanded. It would be beneficial for both companies and employees.

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