Access UDS VDI services through Moodle

by | Feb 28, 2017

The University of Málaga, as one of our active collaborators running UDS Enterprise, developed a Moodle Plugin and integrated it into their Moodle platform to provide direct access to students to virtual desktops and applications through their course material.

Through Virtual PC Moodle Plugin, you are able to provide course material alongside with ready-to-use virtual services. For instance, a course of design that requires Photoshop, Dreamweaver or Eclipse, can be posted online for students with direct links to virtual applications and desktops. Therefore, your Moodle environment will become more complete and welcoming since all students homework and coursework can be done through the course material.

The ease of use of Moodle plugins makes this integration a simple routine in spite of all the features and possibilities that it opens for both, professors and students. For instance, you can easilly edit an already existing work or activity, and add the Virtual PC feature; this makes it easy for the student to learn, and creates a direct link to tools and environments that are needed in the coursework or homework.

Another reason of using and adopting UDS plugin Virtual PC in Moodle is that UDS can be accessed from anywhere and using any smart device. This flexibility deletes all the worries that normally surround IT material management and enables a double use of already existing resources to UDS Enterprise clients. Hence, if you are not yet a UDS Enterprise subscriber or client, it is time to try and buy your solution and use it freely in labs, VDIs and Moodle.



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