Asturias is committed to using Free Software in public administration

by | Feb 12, 2019

At the end of last week the Asturian parliament marked a milestone in the adoption of Free Software in Spain. The majority of the deputies voted “yes” to the proposal made by the Pica Pica HackLab group so that the administration of this autonomous community joins the international campaign Public money? Public Code! launched by the Free Software Foundation Europe (FSFE).

The approval of this proposal means that the public specifications will include the written guarantee that the software developed for the public sector or financed with public fundsneed to be available for the whole community of users under a Free Software license. In addition, the administration should prepare a plan for the promotion and adoption of this type of software.

The Pica Pica HackLab group highlights some of the advantages of using Free Software, such as the possibility of performing security audits, having the code available to modify the software, enjoying manufacturer independence and expenditure efficiency.

Also, they remember that the condition of being Free Software is not perceived as something negative from the public administration, but quite the opposite. This software model is increasingly present in public tenders, since allows to move towards an economy based on quality services without ties to a single manufacturer that sells software under a monopoly regime.

More information on the Pica Pica HackLab website.



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