Civil Protection and Emergency 24×7 thanks to UDS Government


Francisco Javier Navas González, Director of the Computer Systems Program of the General Directorate of Civil Protection and Emergencies:

"With UDS Enterprise, we can access the software and vApp we need to deal with emergencies at any time, from any place and device"

Name: General Directorate of Civil Protection and Emergencies (DGPCyE)

Sector: Government

Location: Spain

VDI Solution: UDS Government

The General Directorate of Civil Protection and Emergencies (DGPCyE) of Spain is the governing body of the Ministry of Home Affairs responsible for promoting, planning and coordinating the actors involved in the field of Civil Protection, both national and international.

This institution is essential to respond to all types of catastrophes and emergencies. Therefore the immediacy and complete availability of its services are crucial. As Javier Navas González, Director of the DGPCyE Information Systems Program, explains, “when an emergency arises, the DGPCyE workers must be able to tackle it, so our workplaces must be accessible 24×7, from any place and device.”

In addition, they handle highly sensitive information, so security is one of their priorities when choosing the solutions they trust to provide uninterrupted service to the citizens and their employees. “These needs worsened during the pandemic, and to cover them most efficiently and securely possible, we decided to implement a desktop virtualization (VDI) solution,” explains Francisco Javier.

After a dedicated process of study and comparison of market options and the needs of the organization itself, the project was awarded to Grupo ICA. This Virtual Cable partner designed a solution based on the UDS Enterprise software for virtual desktops, virtual applications, and remote access to computers. More specifically, they utilize their customized solution for Government bodies, UDS Government. The platform is also integrated by Dell hyperconverged hardware and VMware vSAN Software Defined Storage


This VDI project has made it possible to improve the mobility of the DGPCyE workforce and promote hybrid working while establishing a secure remote working system. Francisco José Palacios, Head of Business Development at Grupo ICA, comments that “Virtual Cable’s VDI solution allows this public body to meet the requirements of employees, increasing availability, cost savings, productivity and homogenizing the environment. In addition, it provides a secure work environment; desktops are controlled by applying security policies that adapt to the optimal protection measures for each user profile. Thanks to UDS Enterprise, we can secure access to sensitive information from personal devices, avoid data loss, and guarantee compliance with the highest security standards.”

Regarding security advantages, desktop virtualization with UDS Enterprise allows the DGPCyE IT team to store the organization’s information in a managed data center. This provides greater performance and security, at the same time that eliminates possible security breaches associated with human error (ransomware, identity theft, unauthorized use of applications…).

Francisco Javier Navas González highlights the ability of UDS Enterprise to create virtual desktops based on templates as one of the most significant benefits. “It has simplified to the maximum the IT management of all workstations. Now it is centralized and automated. Thanks to these improvements, we have managed to increase our productivity and efficiency“. In addition, the management of templates and centralized policies from the same tool and multiple pools allows for separating and organizing the different profiles and departments, offering simple tools for new installations of programs or applications.

He also underlines the excellent work done by the ICA Group in designing different personalized desktops for each group of users. “By standardizing workplaces we have ensured that each employee has the Windows and Linux applications they need, ranging from the most common, such as Office 365, to others specific to accounting or management vApp.”.

With this project, the DGPCyE has taken an essential step in its digital transformation process. It has managed to satisfy the needs of its employees and the organization itself, with the significant added value of having promoted its sustainability, thanks to the energy efficiency provided by the VDI solution, which favors cost savings in electricity or, among other things, in the acquisition of computer equipment.


Broker: UDS Enterprise

Hyper-converged platform: Dell PowerEdge

Storage: VMware VSAN. Software Defined Storage Platform (SDStorage)

Access Devices: Any



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