Cloud VDI to improve care for elderly and dependent people

by | May 23, 2023

AMAVIR, one of the leading companies specialized in the care of elderly and dependent people in Spain with facilities in 7 Autonomous Communities and 43 active residences, has undertaken a process of workplace digitalization using the UDS Enterprise desktop virtualization software developed by Virtual Cable. Ibor Rodríguez, Director of Systems and Technology at AMAVIR, detailed the implemented project in his presentation at OpenExpo Europe 2023.

Challenges of managing and securing computer equipment in dispersed facilities

During the presentation, Ibor highlighted the challenge posed by the geographical dispersion of AMAVIR’s facilities in managing and maintaining computer equipment. This problem was compounded by the lack of on-site technicians in the different centers, the need to centralize information and ensure the security of data and the IT environment in general. The rapid obsolescence of devices and the high costs of operating system licenses and office software were other factors that led them to conduct a market study to find the most suitable solution: desktop virtualization in the cloud.

The key element in AMAVIR’s desktop virtualization (VDI) infrastructure is the open-source-based software UDS Enterprise. Specifically, they use the healthcare-specific solution developed by Virtual Cable, UDS Health, selected for its flexibility, customization capabilities, and compatibility with any technology. This strategic choice allows AMAVIR to virtualize Linux desktops, resulting in significant cost savings on licenses and other additional benefits derived from the use of open and free technologies.

Secure and continuous access to sensitive information with UDS Health

One of the highlights of the presentation was the secure and constant access to highly sensitive information provided by UDS Health. In case of any issue, doctors, nurses, and other healthcare staff can access residents’ medical records regardless of the time, from anywhere, and using any device, without the need for the company to provide computer equipment for remote use.

In addition to enabling centralized updating and management from a single console of all the software used in the organization, the UDS Health solution ensures data security and patient privacy, crucial aspects in the healthcare environment. Furthermore, the high staff turnover in the sector is addressed through the quick and easy deployment of new workspaces based on templates, allowing AMAVIR to adapt agilely to personnel changes, ensuring uninterrupted quality service to residents and day care center users.

Yolanda González, Sales Manager at Virtual Cable, explained that “the successful implementation of desktop virtualization in the cloud with UDS Health and the choice of open technologies have allowed AMAVIR to optimize its management and improve efficiency in delivering its services. We will continue supporting our client on their digital transformation journey and in the continuous improvement of their operations.”

You can request your trial version of UDS Health or the customized solution for your sector through this form.



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