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Javier Riopedre, Club Internacional del Libro Computer Systems Manager: “Thanks to UDS Enterprise we resolved a problem with our authentication system by using LDAP, which was not compatible with the authentication systems supported by other products. Furthermore, we needed to create Linux virtual desktops and were able to do so with UDS Enterprise”.

  • Name: Club Internacional del Libro

  • Sector: Marketing directo

  • Place: España

  • Employees: 2.000

The challenge

  • Integrated management of the organization’s various branches

  • Constant acquisition of international businesses in the sector

  • Novell eDirectory authentication system

The solution

  • Integration of UDS Enterprise with their authentication system

The results

  • Fast and easy deployment of user stations for new branches

  • Fewer incidents at branches

  • Possibility of working with the same tools thanks to integration with eDirectory

The company

Club Internacional del Libro was formed in 2006 as a company dedicated to personalized visits from group clients and to presenting exclusive advertising offers in publishing.

The International Book Club is the first Direct Marketing Company in Spain and Portugal, with more than 30 years of experience in a tough and demanding market.

Business needs

The International Book Club chose UDS Enterprise after having evaluated different VDI solutions available on the market.

The other products didn’t fulfill their specific needs for virtualized user stations at the International Book Club, such as:

  • Their Novell eDirectory authentication system. There was no product on the market that offered native compatibility with their authentication system

  • Their proprietary management application. This application, tested with different connection protocols, had performance and visualization issues

  • The growing incorporation of new companies into the group resulted in an added problem for the IT department, as it had to provide for the new worker user stations almost immediately, performing support for a large fleet of constantly growing user stations at branches located in different countries


The UDS Enterprise software to manage and deploy virtual and physical desktops, applications and other Windows and Linux services quickly and simply became a tool that simplified and unified all the management and maintenance regarding OS and workstation applications for the company’s various branch offices.

Adjustments were made in the software, adapting UDS Enterprise to the client’s problem, which was not possible to resolve with other desktop virtualization products in the market. This solution allowed for successful integration with eDirectory, which permitted the company to continue using the tools they were used to for their users.

The UDS Enterprise Team performed a fine tuning in the virtual machines used as workstations, optimizing the connection protocol. This ensured that their corporate application is used fluidly by the different users, both virtual and physical.

At the same time, the deployment and support of workstations at the various branches is performed from a single, central point, optimizing customer service and making it much easier.

The incorporation of application virtualization to UDS Enterprise has allowed the International Book Club evaluate this technology to put it into production and facilitate the daily tasks of the employees.

In the future, the International Book Club plans on migrating its virtual platform towards other currently existing alternatives, for both technical and economic reasons. Thanks to UDS Enterprise and its flexibility in deploying virtual desktops on different platforms, this migration will be performed quickly and efficiently.


  • Broker: UDS Enterprise

  • Hypervisor: VMware vSphere

  • Connection protocol: RDP y HTML5

  • Authenticator: LDAP (eDirectory)

  • VDI OS: Windows & Linux

  • Access devices: PC & Mac

  • Servers: 2 VDI platforms, 8 ESXi servers. 8 HP Proliand DL360 G6 128 GB

  • Storage: 1 IBM V5000 Fiber array



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