Vera City Council: Corporate vApp virtualization with UDS


Antonio Ramos, Responsible for Computing and Communication Systems, Department of New Technologies of the City Council of Vera.

“Now all the management applications of the City Council are managed centrally and made available to users in a very simple way”

  • Name: Vera City Council

  • Sector: Public administration

  • Number of inhabitants: More than 15.000

  • Number of employees: 100

  • Number of offices: 10

  • Location: Vera (Almería)

The City Council of Vera, in Almería, was looking for a solution that would allow its employees to use their own administrative management applications from anywhere, at any time and accessing ubiquitously. “We needed an application delivery solution for Windows and Linux devices, and after trying several ones, we decided to implement the UDS Enterprise connection broker for its ease of deployment and administration, and for its low cost,” says Antonio Ramos, Head of IT and Communication Systems of the Department of New Technologies of the City Council.

Another one of the main requirements was to be able to take full advantage of the hardware they already had, so that it was not necessary to make any extra investment.

Application virtualization with UDS Enterprise meets this requirement, works perfectly and adapts to the XenServer infrastructure that is already available,” explains Virginio García, Head of Fortics, one of the UDS Enterprise Certified Partners of reference, which has been committed to implement this project.

In addition, “as this connection broker is integrated with the LDAP authenticator, it was not necessary to make any changes to its user management system, an aspect that was also decisive for them to opt for UDS Enterprise,” says García.

Since the middle of 2017, all departments of Vera City Council enjoy the great benefits of application virtualization with UDS Enterprise.

Thanks to this connection broker, the IT Department “does not waste time managing the configurations of several applications installed on user equipment, all applications are managed centrally and made available to users in a very simple way, assigning them to groups of the directory LDAP of the City Council “, explains the Systems Manager.

In addition to facilitating the work of IT, UDS Enterprise provides an optimal experience for users, who adapt quickly to use their virtual applications. “Access to applications is really simple, it is done from a web browser with which users are already familiar, so they do not need to learn anything new, from the first day they access their applications with a single click,” says Virginio García.

Installation, support and trusted advice with Fortics

Before purchasing a subscription, the IT Department of Vera City Council was able to perform all the tests they considered appropriate, thanks to UDS Enterprise Free Edition, a fully functional and free of charge version of the connection broker. Once they tried the configurations that best suited their needs, Fortics was responsible for the installation of the Enterprise version. “The work has been faultless, we are very satisfied with the work of installation, support and advice that Virginio has made”, says Antonio Ramos.

The City Council also makes a very positive assessment of their experience with UDS Enterprise. “Our assessment of the software is very good, we will continue to use it without any doubt. Its support service is very efficient, which is an important added value to take into account”, says Ramos.

The personalized support service offered by the UDS Enterprise team is one of the strengths of the software, for both, clients and partners. “Whenever I have needed help, I got an excellent one quickly“, says the Head of Fortics. In fact, it is one of the reasons why this connection broker is recommended.

García also emphasizes that “it is a living software, that does not stop evolving and improving in each version“. Regarding the technical specifications of UDS Enterprise, García highlights that “it has been developed listening to customers, so it has unique characteristics. To give an example that I especially like, is the only broker that establishes a unique and random password for each virtual machine and does so while RDP protocol is disabled. It is then enabled once the password has been changed. This is very good for those who care about security”, he concludes.


  • Broker: UDS Enterprise

  • Hypervisor: XenServer

  • Connection Protocol: RDP

  • Authenticator: LDAP

  • vApp Server: Windows

  • Access Operating systems: Windows & Linux (Ubuntu 16)



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