A cost-effective high-end graphics solution for VDI

by | May 21, 2019

VirtualCable today announced a collaboration with Teradici to provide its customers with access to graphics-intensive virtual desktops and applications.

VirtualCable EMEA customers purchasing a subscription of the UDS Enterprise connection broker will enjoy up to 50% discount on Teradici Cloud Access Software licenses. Regular discounts will be applied to Education sector clients, who will also receive great advantages when acquiring the combined offering.

“Our customers have long been requesting a truly cost-effective solution to provide a good user experience for VDI workstations using graphics-intensive applications. Thanks to our agreement with Teradici now we can meet such a need,” says Félix Casado, VirtualCable CEO, the company that develops and supports UDS Enterprise.

“Working with graphics-intensive applications on remote workstations can provide a lot of benefits in terms of efficient use of resources, but it comes with its own challenges and unique requirements,” said Andrew Waite Brown, Regional Director, EMEA Enterprise Sales for Teradici. “We’re excited about this collaboration, which aims to resolve those challenges for VirtualCable customers with Teradici technology specifically designed to meet the quality and performance needs of users working with graphics-intensive content.

The two companies have joined the power of Teradici Cloud Access Software and VirtualCable UDS Enterprise to provide a simple, secure VDI and vApp access solution with the highest image quality. The combined solution is expected to be particularly valuable to users working in photography post-production, reproducing and editing high definition video, working with any 3D application, creating visual effects using their virtual desktops and applications, and other use cases requiring manipulation of graphics-intensive content or large volumes of data.

The Cloud Access Software + UDS Enterprise joint solution delivers broad flexibility, since it supports Windows and Linux environments, can be deployed on-premises or on public, private and hybrid clouds and it supports any endpoint, including zero clients and thin clients. Thanks to the subscription system based on the number of users, it is remarkably easy to scale, lowering initial investment costs and making it possible to grow the infrastructure little by little, according to requirements at any given time.

The promotion mentioned in this post is no longer active. For more information on the Cloud Access Software + UDS Enterprise joint solution or to request a personalized quote, please get in touch with the UDS Enterprise team at [email protected]


Teradici Cloud Access Software enables organizations to securely deliver workspaces and applications from the cloud or data center of their choice. Whether it’s a specialized tool for analyzing seismic models or an entire workspace, Cloud Access Software lets users securely access the same applications and workflows they are already familiar with, from anywhere and at any time. It provides a simple way to migrate applications, as-is, to any cloud, data center, or combination of the two, and enables businesses to scale effortlessly and efficiently by automatically provisioning remote workstations, managing cloud compute costs, and brokering PCoIP connections to remote Windows or Linux workstations from a single console. For more information, visit www.teradici.com/cloud-access.


UDS Enterprise is a top performance multiplatform connection broker to manage and deploy Windows and Linux virtual desktops and applications. It automatically manages its full life cycle in a safe, quick and simple way. It allows to enable multiple hypervisors, authenticators and connection protocols to run simultaneously. It’s Open Source-based, meaning that it’s 100% customizable. No licenses, subscriptions based on number of users, including support and product updates. For more information about our application and desktop virtualization software, contact us.



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