Cost savings in VDI deployments in Azure with UDS Enterprise

by | Apr 11, 2019

Many companies today choose to deploy their desktop and application virtualization infrastructures in the cloud. The possibilities of unlimited scalability without the need to acquire hardware is one of the reasons why they make this decision. The costs of the pay-as-you-go models of platforms like Azure are still high, but there is a way to keep them as low as possible, paying only for the time during the virtual desktops and applications are being used. And how can this savings be achieved? With the UDS Enterprise connection broker it is really simple.

One of the factors that raises the price of VDI and vApp deployments in the cloud is the cost associated with the time during which the virtual machines are on, which by default is 24 hours. With UDS Enterprise it is possible to schedule the creation and removal of these virtual machines to adjust the consumption that is made in the Microsoft Azure platform.

UDS Enterprise administrators only have to create a calendar and notify the system what day and at what exact time to create and remove the virtual machines. If, for example, a company’s schedule is from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM, with UDS Enterprise the creation of the virtual desktops that employees use can be scheduled at 8:45 AM and the removal at 6:15 PM, adjusting the pay-as-you-go fee to the maximum.

In this concrete example we would be obtaining more than 60% savings and in cases of employees with continuous or part-time jobs, we could be talking about more than 80% savings.

As the ability to schedule tasks based on a calendar is an intrinsic functionality of UDS Enterprise, its advantages are applicable to other cloud platforms compatible with this connection broker, as in the case of VMware vCloud. A functionality created by our team to develop the most complete software in the market about application and desktop virtualization.



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