Defold game engine is now Open Source

by | May 21, 2020

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Mobile gaming company King has decided to share the source code of the Defold graphics engine. This cross-platform software has always been free. The company has now gone a step further by releasing the source code and making it available to all users at GitHub.

“We are immensely proud to be able to make the Defold source code available and open to contributions. We’re eager to start the journey as a free to use source available game engine together with our great community of game developers building games using Defold. We would also wish to thank King for believing in our vision and entrusting Defold to the Defold Foundation,” says Björn Ritzl from the Defold Foundation.

The product development team will work full time for the Defold Foundation. They will count on the close collaboration of the community of developers and industry partners to drive improvements in this graphics engine.

“We’re hugely impressed by the Defold team, and look forward to seeing many great gaming experiences come to life. We’ve seen millions of players already playing the King games run on the Defold engine, and we’re excited to see the community come together even more, with the support of the Defold Foundation”, says Tjodolf Sommestad, Chief Development Officer, King.

For more information, visit the product website.



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