Final degree project on VDI Open Source with UDS Enterprise

by | Jul 2, 2020

UDS Enterprise has always been closely linked to educational environments. So it is not surprising that many students choose this software as the cornerstone of their projects. This is the case of three students who have completed the Administration of Computer Network Systems course at the Nicolau Copèrnic Institute, in Terrassa (Catalonia). Cristian Gallardo, Manuel Farfán and Marc Sisó have used UDS Enterprise for their Final Degree Project, which they have titled MCM & CLOUD. They have documented how to offer virtual desktops and applications through a web browser with UDS Enterprise and XCP-ng, the Open Source hypervisor based on XenServer.

“One of the problems that has motivated us to carry out this project is the difficulty that many companies have had in offering a remote working system to their employees during the lockdown period due to Covid-19,” explains Cristian Gallardo. “With UDS Enterprise the information remains accessible at all times and the ways to access it are unlimited. Another advantage of desktop virtualization with this VDI broker is that a user can have more powerful hardware that supports the software he needs to use,” he adds.

In order to develop their project, these students had to “find a versatile and Open Source connection platform, we had to present a viable alternative to Citrix,” says Gallardo. They did an internet search and, in different forums, like Reddit or AlternativeTo, they found UDS Enterprise recommendations. Consulting the product’s Case Studies, they found the example of the University of Sevilla, which has a VDI infrastructure with UDS Enterprise and oVirt. This was what finally convinced them that it was just what they were looking for. “We wanted to deploy an Open Source platform, at first with oVirt, and we saw that with UDS Enterprise it was possible,” tells the student.

The state of alarm prevented them from continuing with the original idea, since they lost access to the resources of their educational center. But the versatility of UDS Enterprise helped them get on with another of the many virtualization platforms supported by this software: XCP-ng. “UDS Enterprise is like a Swiss army knife, it works with any system. Thanks to this we were able to resize our project without problems. We had to rethink all the pieces that we were going to use except UDS,” indicates Gallardo.

The extensive documentation available on UDS Enterprise was of great support in order to successfully undertake their project. “With the UDS guides you learn very easily how to manage and deploy VDI and vApp. The quality of the manuals motivated us to do more on the go, expanding the project from just offering virtual desktops to also deploying virtual applications. We also learned how to make a series of very interesting configurations, such as linking to an Active Directory, or adding networks so that the connection is made in a specific way,” he says.

After completing their project, in which they have obtained a brilliant mark (9 out of 10), they have verified that the recommendations they found on the Internet were entirely correct. “With UDS we have found an easy way to connect not only to infinite resources, but also to be able to offer multiple services, such as Windows and Linux virtual desktops and applications,” explains Gallardo.

From their experience with UDS Enterprise, what they liked the most is that it is “an ‘on the box’ solution.” It is ready to be deployed in any environment and you don’t have to spend hours installing it before achieving results. It is a highly recommended solution for anyone who needs a remote desktop accessible 24/7 from any device. It is the best way to access the tools you need from anywhere in the world,” states Gallardo.

These students have proven that UDS Enterprise is a highly efficient solution to facilitate remote working. “It is perfect for enabling a remote workforce, guaranteeing the security of sensitive information. Nowadays, telecommuting has become a necessity, so for companies it is essential to have software of this type, which allows to enable working from home overnight so that employees can work normally,” concludes Gallardo.

For more information on the possibilities offered by the UDS Enterprise VDI broker to enable a remote working system and to face other IT challenges, you can contact our team at [email protected]



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