Desktop virtualisation leads the VDI market

by | Apr 20, 2017

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Today, the demand of virtualized workstations is spreading to a wider user base as more organisations take advantage of dynamic and customised virtual desktops.

The combination of the technological evolution of VDI and the adoption of new distribution models is also changing the typical use of standard virtualized workstations in major vertical markets such as telecom, finance, retail and healthcare, now extending to very high-end performance 3D graphics and high resolution multimedia performance, while at the same time enabling a high degree of customization.

The continued progression of VDI infrastructure has also impacted favourably on the evolution of endpoints, crucial to access these systems.

The evolution of remote applications allows us to create a mixed environment with a large portfolio of available resources delivered by the different providers. Thanks to this flexibility companies can choose the best resource at the best cost with the freedom to choose their own ideal configuration.

Without doubt the VDI market is rapidly evolving and is strongly linked to the continued development of network infrastructures (mobile or physical) together with the global adoption of virtualization, the cloud and AAS.

Source: CloudTech.



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