Easy management, DaaS & VDI with macOS through RDP

by | Mar 1, 2021

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Two Case Studies and a new UDS Enterprise functionality have been the most read articles on our blog during the recently completed month of February. The publication that relates the experience of La Diputación del Común de Canarias with UDS Enterprise takes the cake. This public body has entrusted UDS Enterprise so that all its employees have the freedom to access the programs and applications they need 24x7, from any place and device, facilitating remote working whenever necessary. Among the benefits they have obtained, the centralization of the management of workplaces, which are spread over the seven islands, and the increased security of their data and computer systems stand out.

In the second place, we find the IMDEA Materials Case Study, a well-known public research center that has opted for virtual desktops as a service with UDS Enterprise. This solution allows them to deliver a personalized workplace to each new employee in a matter of minutes and without having to make investments in hardware or licenses. In the second phase of the project, they have expanded their environment and turned it into a hybrid infrastructure that integrates the desktops in DaaS format, on-premise, and remote access to the computers located in the offices.

In February, the Top 3 of our blog is closed by the news about the option to access UDS Enterprise services through macOS devices using RDP connection clients. This new development makes it possible to enable connections through FreeRDP and Microsoft Remote Desktop to Windows and Linux virtual desktops managed and deployed by UDS Enterprise VDI.

Here are the links to these three posts so that you can know all the details of the topics that have aroused the most interest among our community:

Easy management of workplaces in seven islands with UDS VDI

New customized workplaces available in minutes with UDS DaaS

Access UDS Enterprise VDI with macOS devices through RDP



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