Eelo could be the first Android OS without Google

by | Jan 16, 2018

So far there is no Android device that comes without Google Services pre-installed from the factory. The developer Gaël Duval has proposed to end this practice and has launched a project in Kickstarter to raise funds to launch an operating system based on Android without Google.

The OS is called Eelo, is based on LineageOS and its main objective is to put the privacy of users ahead. To achieve this, it uses other free software instead of Google Services. Google Play will be replaced by F-Droid and APKPure; Google Services will be replaced by MicroG, DuckDuckGo will be used as a browser and QWant as a search engine. In addition, to prevent tracking by DNS, it will use Quad 9 DNS, which blocks access to malicious sites and is supported by the Global Cyber Alliance (GCA).

Duval assures that Eelo will not yield to commercial interests and that it will be a non-profit project, developed for the public interest. “I think that operating systems and services should be a shared resource because they are infrastructures such as telephony networks, train tracks, and roads,” he explains on Kickstarter.

Gaël Duval has already developed a functional prototype and it seems that the community of users is interested in the initiative, since the idea has already harvested twice the funding needed to start developing it.

Source: Andro4All



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