El Economista highlights UDS for remote working

by | Apr 1, 2020

The newspaper El Economista, leader of the economic press in Spain and surpassed only by The Wall Street Journal at an international level, has echoed the advantages of using UDS Enterprise as a remote working solution.

To analyze the challenges faced by organizations that have to implement remote work quickly due to the current health crisis, this newspaper has published a complete interview with Félix Casado, CEO of Virtual Cable, a company that develops and supports the UDS Enterprise connection broker for desktop and application virtualization. The full interview is available at this link.

In this interview, Casado states that “the urgency for remote working is leading to security mistakes that can be very expensive.” Many organizations are disregarding all safety recommendations and policies that they scrupulously followed due to the pressure to allow their employees to continue working from home as soon as possible. The expert emphasizes that in order to avoid issues “the IT department must continue to keep an absolute control of the company’s computer systems, communications and information security.”

The CEO of Virtual Cable recommends “employing a technology that allows centrally managing, monitoring and securing the entire remote working system: desktop and application virtualization.” The VDI and vApp UDS Enterprise broker unites the three fundamental pillars on which a telecommuting tool must be built: safety, efficiency and ease of use. Casado explains that with it, “workers can access their virtual desktops and vApp or the physical computers located in the offices from any device without the company assuming any type of risk.”

UDS Enterprise “allows enabling strong security policies, adapted to the circumstances of each organization. With this technology, the information does not leave the company, users simply view it and work with it remotely,” says Casado. It also highlights the extra protection that this VDI solution adds, which secures all the connections made via the Internet and simplifies issue resolution as much as possible in the shortest possible time.

In one of the interview questions, El Economista stresses that millions of virtual desktops with UDS Enterprise are deployed every day around the world. Casado points out that the company has “more than a thousand references in more than one hundred countries.” In addition, he indicates that the main Spanish universities, Autonomous Communities, Provincial Councils, Municipalities, hospitals and companies, have been using UDS Enterprise for many years to facilitate remote work, online teaching and take advantage of the many other benefits of VDI and vApp technology with UDS Enterprise.

Regarding the way in which this company is helping customers to satisfy the new needs for remote work that have arisen from the Covid-19, the head of Virtual Cable comments that UDS Enterprise customers were already prepared for such a situation. “The only thing they have done is make it extensible to all their users immediately,” he clarifies.

This company is helping a large number of organizations of all kinds to implement their remote working solution so that they can guarantee the continuity of their business in such a difficult time worldwide. “We know that the health of workers and the future of the companies depend on it. That’s why we decided to provide our VDI and vApp software for free to all organizations, so that the processes of acquiring a solution are not a barrier. With UDS Enterprise, any organization can put in place a telecommuting system in just one morning,” says Casado.

This decision is perfectly aligned with the philosophy of this company, which decided to develop and Open Source software because it believes “in the great advantages of sharing and innovating with open technologies,” states the CEO of Virtual Cable. Therefore, UDS Enteprise is commercialized without licenses, through a subscription system by number of users including personalized support and updates. To facilitate adoption for organizations with large numbers of users, there is a flat rate for unlimited users.

Lastly, Félix Casado reveals that the next version of the software will incorporate “new features to further shield security, native support for new technologies and advanced data analytics functionalities.” UDS Enterprise 3.0 is in the final development phase and will be released “as soon as possible”.

You can check the full interview published on the back cover of the supplement Tecnología XXI by El Economista at this link.

The online version is available at El Economista website.

For more information on the UDS Enterprise VDI and vApp broker, you can send an email to [email protected]



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