“This Christmas, millions of employees will work remotely with UDS”

by | Dec 16, 2022

Workers demand remote working on particular dates of the year, such as Christmas, Easter, or summer. More and more companies are facilitating these demands as they help them retain talent and improve the degree of commitment to the company. Hence, organizations must provide tools that allow working remotely securely and flexibly, such as the UDS Enterprise VDI software.

The reasons for preferring this type of work on these dates are numerous and varied. For example, family reconciliation is essential for those with children. We must also consider the geographical mobility of many workers, especially in large cities. These people who do not reside in their town seek to work remotely on these dates from their place of origin, especially when it comes to dates as familiar as Christmas.

When a company plans to satisfy this need of its employees, it must provide the necessary tools for the correct execution of their tasks. Furthermore, these solutions must provide the best performance from any device to maintain the workforce’s productivity during these periods.

For many experts, the option that best meets these requirements is desktop virtualization. Solutions such as Virtual Cable’s VDI UDS Enterprise software make it easier for employees to connect at any time, making working hours much more flexible. This solution also guarantees security from anywhere and using any device. As Félix Casado, CEO of Virtual Cable, explains, “our solution lets combine desktop, application virtualization, and remote access to devices in a way that adapts to the unique needs of each company and its workforce.”

With UDS Enterprise’s VDI technology, employees do not depend on a specific physical device; they can use any terminal with a web browser to connect to their workplace. In addition, virtual desktops significantly reduce hardware and IT management costs and increase the company’s energy efficiency, thus fostering a more sustainable work environment.

“The great advantage of implementing remote working with a desktop virtualization solution is that profitability is not only obtained during the dates in which the employee works remotely. Due to its multiple benefits, in more than 99% of cases, the VDI system becomes their daily work tool,” says Casado.

The centralized management of the entire IT environment from a single console, avoiding personnel traveling, device repurposing, the acquisition of low-cost terminals that, thanks to VDI, provide maximum performance, or substantial energy savings, make them really profitable solutions. “At Virtual Cable, we have customers who are registering a reduction in electricity consumption that is close to 75%, a truly significant figure, especially if we take into account the escalation in the price of electricity,” says the CEO of the company.

UDS Enterprise guarantees secure access to workplaces from anywhere and from any device, thanks to the native integration of advanced mechanisms that allow compliance with international security requirements, such as Zero Trust configurations, multifactor authentication, end-to-end encryption

Moreover, it not only enables anytime access, but also helps organizations monitor and control when employees log in and even set access schedules. “Our software is compatible with any technology. This great flexibility makes it the only option that adapts to each organization’s specific circumstances and requirements. A strength that we have perfected even more with the launch of customized solutions for each sector. Thanks to UDS Enterprise, millions of people can work remotely on these important dates. We are proud to help an increasing number of companies around the world to be more sustainable and to please their workers without losing profitability,” concludes Casado.



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