Europ Assistance: VDI in Call Centers


José Luis Alonso Carmona, IT Manager for Europ Assistance Spain: “Using UDS Enterprise has allowed us to deploy and manage virtual desktops simply and easily, helping compatibility with CTI and IP telephony systems".

  • Name: Europ Assistance

  • Sector: Assurance

  • Place: Spain

  • Employees: 700

The challenge

  • Equip the IT department with an efficient user station management system

  • Integrate VoIP and virtual desktops for Call Center users

  • Reduce Call Center platform costs

The solution

  • Integration of UDS Enterprise with their VoIP system

  • Development of a unified authentication system for their Call Center

The results

  • Immediate deployment of user stations based on campaigns

  • Assignment of virtual desktop and IP extension to the independent user at the connection terminal

  • Possibility of Call Center users working remotely via telecommuting

The company

Europ Assistance is an insurance company with over 300 million clients all over the world. With 8,000 collaborators and 37 local companies
operating in the field. The Group has an international local service device with an innovative vision of Care Services centered on daily life, and which is supported by a well-structured, 423,000-member network.

Europ Assistance supports a future that guarantees mid-term sustainable performance and has set the goal of becoming the most innovative Care Services Company by 2015.

Europ Assistance began its activity in Spain as a pioneering company in the travel assistance sector in 1979. Over the years, its presence in the market has steadily increased in different fields according to the needs of its clients. For this reason, Europe Assistance has received backing from renowned companies in the international arena.

Business needs

Europ Assistance chose UDS Enterprise as the solution for its specific need to virtualize desktops for its Call Center employees.

In recent years, services offered to its clients has caused an increase in demand of its computing and communications systems, which traditionally had been resolved by incorporating new machines, updating existing ones and deploying desktops with end user applications.

The incorporation of new teleoperators in customer service roles traditionally has resulted in a larger workload for IT departments, as they’ve had to prepare and provide these employees with new PCs, which in turn results in more supporting functions for the new user fleet and the adaptation of space and user stations for the new employees in each company..


UDS Enterprise is software for deploying ondemand virtual desktops and services, and for Europ Assistance it has quickly and simply become a tool that has been able to simplify and unify all of the management and maintenance regarding the OS, updates, patches and applications for the company’s Call Center.

Specific improvements were made for Europ Assistance with the aim of adapting UDS Enterprise to its existing needs, thereby achieving the
integration of virtual desktops for their use with VoIP. Various user validation processes were developed and the software was adapted by making it compatible with specific thin client models, furthermore preventing these models from becoming obsolete while saving costs.

The multi-hypervisor characteristics of UDS Enterprise allowed us to take advantage of the existing platform for deploying the required desktops and servers, additionally preventing an unnecessary increase in the acquisition and maintenance costs of the new platform.



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