Extrual trusts UDS Enterprise to implement remote working


José Vicente Moreno, IT Manager at Extrual:

"Thanks to UDS Enterprise we were able to ensure business continuity by implementing a secure remote working system"

  • Name: Extruidos del Aluminio (Extrual)

  • Sector: Private – Manufacture and sales of aluminium sections

  • Number of employees: 200

  • Location: Albacete (Spain)

Extruidos del Aluminio (EXTRUAL) is one of the largest manufacturers of aluminum profiles in Spain and also has a significant presence in the international market. When the Coronavirus pandemic began, they had to find a safe and efficient remote working solution for all employees whose jobs allow them work from home. “Thanks to UDS Enterprise we were able to let users in all offices to work remotely really quickly. In just two days we had the infrastructure ready, and we were able to guarantee the continuity of our business,” explains José Vicente Moreno, IT Manager at Extrual.

The implementation of the infrastructure was carried out by Grupo Tecon, UDS Enterprise Silver Partner. “They were very fast and effective,” says Moreno.

As one of the goals of the Extrual IT team was to simplify management and save resources, they decided to provide users with the tools they need to carry out their work through virtual applications.

Employees use computers with Windows operating system provided by the company to access UDS Enterprise. They only have to open a web browser to enter the Extrual vApp platform. Once inside, the system displays the virtual applications they need to work.

At the time they raised the urgent need to implement a remote working software, Grupo Tecon, their IT service provider, was clear that the solution that best suited their demands and needs was UDS Enterprise. “Learning to manage and use the platform is really easy and their technical support is excellent. If we add that its price is really competitive, we were certain that with this broker we were not going to be wrong,” says Santiago Rapallo Isla, Commercial manager at Grupo Tecon.

We checked the information they provided us, and we compared this VDI and vApp broker with other existing solutions. And we verified that the best option, both for its functionalities and for its price, was UDS Enterprise,” assures the Extrual IT Manager.


The experience of these months and the feedback they have received from users confirm that their choice was the most appropriate. “For the IT team it has been a success, since the tool is very easy to use and manage. On the other hand, users are very satisfied with the operation and speed of their remote working environment,” says Moreno.

If they were in the position of organizations that today have to rethink their telecommuting system or choose a software to implement it, they would not hesitate to choose this software again. “We recommend UDS Enterprise without a doubt“, claims the IT Manager.

The use of UDS Enterprise as an application virtualization solution did not finish with the end of the alarm state. In Extrual they have verified the great advantages of establishing a solution of this type, and they want to continue taking advantage of its benefits. “Our intention is to expand our knowledge of the tool to get all the possible performance out of it,” points out Moreno.

For now, they will continue to use their remote working infrastructure with UDS Enterprise and will expand the number of offices that have remote workstations. This way they will be prepared if for any circumstance, be it health, weather, production requirements… it is necessary for the staff to carry out their professional tasks again only from their homes.


  • Broker: UDS Enterprise

  • Hypervisor: VMware vSphere

  • Connection protocols: HTML5 and RDP

  • Authenticator: Windows Active Directory

  • vApp OS: Windows

  • vApp Access OS: Windows

  • Hardware: IBM X3650



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