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Javier Suela, Head of the System Department of Hispanagua:

“The added value of UDS Enterprise compared to other solutions is undoubtedly the automation when generating virtual desktops”.

All the departments of Hispanagua that can keep on operating from home are using UDS Enterprise for remote working during the alarm state declared by Covid-19. Most employees connect remotely to their computers located in the workplace and some access their tools through virtual desktops.

  • Client name: Hispanagua

  • Sector: Public

  • Number of personnel: 450

  • Number of delegations: 5

  • Location: Comunidad de Madrid

For years, desktop virtualization has been a crucial tool for Hispanagua’s daily work of its technicians. This company provides services related to water supply and sanitation networks in the Community of Madrid, and in many cases the workers have to move to manage, for example, move purifiers or pumping stations to locations where there are no offices or where they cannot be connected directly to the corporate network. Thanks to UDS Enterprise “they only need a laptop with 3G or VPN to connect to the Hispanagua application installed in a virtual desktop,” explains Javier Suela, Head of the company’s Systems Department.

The managers and middle managers of departments such as Human Resources and Finance also enjoy the benefits of desktop virtualization with UDS Enterprise, allowing them to practice teleworking whenever they need it, from any location and accessing through their own devices.

Actually, the department that most benefits from the advantages of UDS Enterprise is IT. “Now we can assemble virtual machines quickly and in an automated way“, witnessed Javier Suela, adding that this is something “with the VDI solution that we used previously we could not do”.

In addition, the maintenance of the machines is much simpler with UDS Enterprise. For example, when applying patches to solve a virus attack “you just have to apply them to the template, restart the system, and it will automatically reach all workers’ virtual desktops,” says the Systems Manager. “With the software we used before, every machine was a machine and now every machine is an image of a template, so maintenance is much faster and more efficient,” explains Suela.

With UDS Enterprise virtual desktop deployment is based on templates, which are customized according to the needs of each user or group of users. “We work with 2 machine templates”, explains the Systems Manager, “one with the office package and some corporate applications, and the other one with higher memory requirements with our GIS (Geographical Information System) and AutoCAD installed.”

Another improvement introduced by UDS Enterprise is that users “now access the programs they need for their work through a URL, something that, for us, is much easier than having to put an access to the machine on the computer of each user”, adds Suela.

All users of virtual desktops have noticed many improvements with software change. According to Javier Suela, “UDS Enterprise has allowed us to better dimension the server, so the machines go much faster, performance has improved significantly and users see that the desktops they access go faster”, which translates into an increase in productivity and competitiveness for the company.

todoIT hits bulls-eye with VDI suggestion

The VDI software change came to Hispanagua through our Authorized Partner todoIT, who introduced UDS Enterprise to them because “they were looking for a VDI solution and they were having a lot of problems with the tests performed with other manufacturers, and the installations made up to this date with UDS Enterprise have not given us any problems and are a guarantee of reliability and performance“, explains Mario Martínez, todoIT’s Sales Director, adding that “simplicity of implementation, usability, optimization of hardware and the competitive price are the main reasons why we recommend UDS Enterprise as a connection broker to all our customers”.

Undoubtedly, todoIT were not wrong to introduce UDS Enterprise. “We decided to test the software because it fulfilled all our requirements and also for its attractive price, and the assessment is very positive“, says the Head of Systems Department. He also states that “the deployment was really easy, we had no difficulty in performing the deployment and put it into production and the users are very happy, it actually did more than fulfil our expectations“.

In order to launch their desktop virtualization infrastructure, they have always received the support of the UDS Enterprise Support team whose work was valued by Suela “ten out of ten, we are very happy with their work, all queries have been answered quickly and efficiently“.

This positive balance of their experience with UDS Enterprise makes them study other possibilities offered by the connection broker, and according to the Systems Manager of Hispanagua, the next step they will do soon will be to “start using the broker to virtualize applications”.


  • Broker: UDS Enterprise

  • Hypervisor: VMware vSphere

  • Connection protocol: RDP

  • Authenticator: Active Directory

  • VDI OS: Windows 8 with look & feel Windows 7

  • Servers: 2 HP DL 380 G9 with 2 CPUs, 6 cores and 4 Ethernet cards

  • Storage: 1 Storage of type: EMC VNX de 20GB



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