How to make the most out of your computers

by | Feb 24, 2016

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Optimizing resources is very important for most companies and it is also a challenge for IT departments, since both devices and software usually require updates or become obsolete in a very short time.

UDS Enterprise, our connection broker for Windows and Linux, helps getting return on investments and leverage informatic devices, as it enables access to PCs anywhere and anytime.

In this way, both computers and laptops can be used 24/7, expanding the use of current software licenses.

This functionality lets users access any resource in the physical PCs using any device and without any client software.

IT administrators can manage up to thousands of users access from a single dashboard. Moreover, they can schedule the computers’ power on and off in order to save energy while they always keep some computers ready to be accessed.

For further info on this functionality, see our section about Physical PCs



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