Learning to build Linux from scratch

by | Sep 10, 2018

If you’re facing the challenge of building a GNU/Linux system from scratch, there is a distribution that can make things easier for you. Linux From Scratch (LFS) guides you step by step to create a Linux OS from the source code of the packages. This distro receives regular updates as they are implemented in the Linux kernel and in its basic GNU tools.

There is a more specific version of this distribution for those interested in compiling and configuring the graphic system, server tools, window managers, desktops and applications. It is called Beyond Linux From Scratch (BLFS) and both versions are updated at the same time.

Earlier this month the latest version was released: Linux From Scratch 8.3 and Beyond Linux From Scratch 8.3. Among other novelties, it incorporates updates in the base software and improvements in the documentation related to systemd.

The project website includes other subprojects that can help expand knowledge about Linux. For example, Cross Linux From Scratch, which explains the cross-compilation in different architectures or Automated Linux From Scratch, which explains how to automate compilations in LFS and BLFS.

Source: Muy Linux



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