Linux distros to clone and copy disks

by | Feb 2, 2018

When our computer stops working, the disk is damaged, we suffer a data loss from the main unit or it becomes infected with a virus, we look for a fast and effective solution. Since prevention is better than cure, it is convenient to backup all data in our device to avoid problems.

There are Linux distributions specially designed to back up partitions and both Windows or Linux hard drives. In this post, we will present four of them which do not require installation, are compatible with most file systems, allow create and restore exact images of the disk, are not incompatibe with Windows and work properly in any computer, no matter how old or new it is.

BakAndImgCD. It allows you to make customized backup copies or exact disk images that can be saved in another partition, on another disk or even on an external FTP server. It is based on 4MLinux and can run from a CD or USB.

Clonezilla Live. With this distribution we can create disk images to restore a clean version of Windows or Linux keeping our files and settings intact. It is perfect to maintain a high number of computers or to get rid of malware without using an antivirus or any other tool. It can be used from CD, DVD or USB.

Redo Backup and Recovery. Among other options, it offers the possibility of saving backup copies in internal, external units or in other network storage systems. The backup of Windows or Linux is performed following a few simple steps that are shown on the screen. It runs from a disk image for CD or USB.

Parted Magic. It is used to recover data from a lost or inaccessible partition. In addition, it allows to make partitions of disk, to erase disks safely and to create exact images to restore them in the same PC or in other device. It runs from a DVD or USB.

Source: Hipertextual



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