Lower costs, better security and experience with UDS VDI


João Pinote – IT Manager:

“Thanks to UDS Enterprise, technology and administration costs are reduced, while enhancing security, backup, and user experience"

  • Name: Cofaco Açores, S.A

  • Sector: Fish canning industry

  • Number of employees: 305

  • Number of offices: 3

  • Location: Lisboa and Azores (Portugal)

The Portuguese company Cofaco Açores has been dedicated to producing and distributing the best quality canned fish for more than a century. More than 50 million cans reach its customers each year, spread over more than thirty countries on five continents. They take care of every detail in all stages of production, putting into practice the most traditional artisan techniques.

Those responsible for this company know that the centuries-old tradition of the canning industry is not incompatible with the latest technology. What’s more, they are aware that it is essential to achieve efficiency at all levels of the value chain. Therefore, their computing environment is ruled by desktop virtualization with UDS Enterprise. “This connection broker simplifies VDI management and allows us to keep all the elements that make up our desktop virtualization infrastructure under control. With its implementation, we have reduced technology and administration costs, and at the same time that we have improved security, our backup system and the experience of all users,” explains João Pinote, IT Manager at Cofaco Açores.

Security is one of the aspects that they most appreciate about UDS Enterprise, both for the software’s intrinsic characteristics and its compatibility with corporate policies. “We consider that access is secure enough on its own. All communications are encrypted, monitored, and controlled. Therefore, there was no need to implement additional security measures, other than the ones that were already in place,” says Pinote.

Their computing environment consists of local and remote workers. The IT team centrally manages all the devices that employees use every day, wherever they are. Thanks to UDS Enterprise, they have been able to standardize all workstations and offer a homogeneous user experience, regardless of the endpoint used and the place of connection. “We manage very different devices, from thin clients to PC desktops. In addition, every piece of end-user software that is needed within the organization is provided by the solution, ranging from widely used productivity suites like Microsoft Office to more business-oriented software products,” comments the IT Director.

Cofaco’s workforce enjoys the flexibility of accessing a ubiquitous workplace whenever they need it. In addition, the IT team benefits from the advantages of a technology that has allowed them to optimize their work as much as possible. And which is “cost-effective, productive, and responsive to business needs,” states Pinote.


UDS Enterprise has brought great ease of management and simplicity to Cofaco Açores’ IT environment. “With its adoption, we have confirmed that its benefits go far beyond its ability to support multiple virtualization platforms at the same time. At first, we chose it for that reason, specifically because VMware vSphere was among the supported solutions,” indicates the IT Manager.

Their trusted technology partner, Linkcom, was the one who recommended this VDI solution to them to replace the obsolete one they had in place. “We have had the help of Linkcom professionals at all times. They have shown to have great knowledge of the platform and experience in implementing UDS Enterprise, which is why we also classify them as competent,” notes Pinote.

This company is a Gold Partner of UDS Enterprise in Portugal. As they have seen in Cofaco, they are perfectly trained and qualified to carry out the installation, provide first-level support, and advise on the best practices with UDS Enterprise.

For more specific technical issues, they have also received support from the experts of the UDS Enterprise team. “They are truly competent,” he remarks.

The advanced functionalities of the software and the skill of the experts who have accompanied them throughout the implementation and deployment process of the infrastructure have guaranteed the project’s success. Their assessment is so positive that they do not hesitate to recommend it. “We definitely advise the adoption of UDS Enterprise VDI to all organizations that want to take a step further in their digital transformation process to improve efficiency and productivity,” concludes the Head of IT.


  • Broker: UDS Enterprise

  • Hypervisor: VMware vSphere

  • Connection protocols: HMTL5 and RDP

  • Authenticator: Active Directory

  • Hardware: DELL servers, storage and networks

  • VDI OS: Windows

  • Access OS: Any



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