MB92 Group optimizes its digital workplace: From Citrix to UDS Corporate


Rubén Carmona, IT & Digitalisation Director at MB92 Group:

“The switch from Citrix to UDS Corporate has enhanced the security and performance of our Digital Workplace environment.”

Vista aérea del puerto de MB92 Barcelona, destacando la infraestructura utilizada para el reacondicionamiento y mantenimiento de superyates, donde se implementó la solución UDS Corporate.
  • Name: Marina Barcelona 92
  • Sector: Naval Industry – Corporate
  • Number of employees: Over 190 direct (in Barcelona)
  • Number of offices and locations: Barcelona (Spain) and La Ciotat (France)


Challenges and needs of MB92 Group

Marina Barcelona 92 (MB92 Barcelona), a leading company in the superyacht refit, repair, and maintenance sector, has been a pioneer in adopting cutting-edge technology to optimize its operations. With a workforce of over 190 employees and offices in Barcelona and La Ciotat (France), providing its staff with the mobility and flexibility needed to optimize productivity and efficiency became a priority.

“The decision to implement a workplace virtualization solution was made over 10 years ago. We needed our employees to access their work tools from any device and location, without having to rely on working from the office,” explains Rubén Carmona, IT & Digitalisation Director at MB92 Group. However, the initially implemented solution did not provide the performance they needed, so they had to seek a more efficient, secure, flexible, and cost-effective option. “After experiencing limitations with previous technologies like Citrix and RDS (Microsoft Remote Desktop), we explored alternatives in the market and, after analyzing them, we chose UDS Corporate from Virtual Cable,” Carmona indicates.


Implementation of UDS Corporate

Claranet, a Platinum Partner of Virtual Cable, has assisted MB92 in transferring its remote desktop services from Citrix Virtual Apps & Desktops to UDS Corporate, Virtual Cable‘s solution optimized for industry and large corporations, based on UDS Enterprise. The migration was quick and simple, ensuring service continuity at all times. Furthermore, it was transparent to users and reduced costs due to the change of provider.

The project included the creation of a new technological foundation, with the construction of a server farm dedicated to MB92 to further enhance the service. “UDS Corporate has allowed us to implement new functionalities, improving platform performance and increasing security,” assures the IT manager.

With the previous solution, they faced many issues configuring user profiles. “Now we can create non-persistent sessions, significantly improving performance and minimizing data corruption risks. Each time a user logs in, they connect to a new machine, with maximum performance and free from threats,” Carmona points out.

The intrinsic security of UDS Corporate and its compatibility with any third-party technology have allowed them to fortify their infrastructure according to their internal policies. Access to MB92 workstations is now protected with the Cisco Duo Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) solution and Yubikeys USB keys.

All departments and employees use UDS Corporate to carry out their daily work both from the offices and remotely. Virtual Cable’s solution gives the IT team the freedom to provide access to corporate applications and software with the option that best suits each user’s needs and with optimized performance. From a single console, they manage Windows virtual desktops and applications, as well as the remote use of physical Windows machines located in their own facilities.


Project results and Benefits

The benefits of UDS Corporate extend to all user groups within the organization. Employees enjoy geographic mobility, secure remote working, and seamless access to corporate software from any location. The organization has improved its productivity thanks to the easy implementation of UDS Corporate and has achieved significant hardware cost savings, both in acquisition and maintenance. Meanwhile, the IT team has seen an improvement in operational efficiency. “Our colleagues are our clients, and we must ensure their satisfaction. Compared to the platform used in the past, user incidents have been considerably reduced, enhancing the user experience,” affirms the IT director. “The work done by the Claranet team, Virtual Cable’s Platinum Partner, has been exceptionally valued, with outstanding scores in all aspects, highlighting their commitment and technical expertise,” he adds.

In summary, the collaboration between MB92, Virtual Cable, and Claranet has allowed the naval company to migrate its digital workplace solution to a technically more advanced and secure alternative, boosting the organization’s productivity and efficiency in the era of Industry 4.0.




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