Microsoft SQL Server for Linux

by | Sep 27, 2017

Microsoft has officially released SQL Server 2017 with versions for Windows, Linux and Docker image. This is yet another step for the Redmond giant in its plans to integrate its server technologies with the Open Source operating system.

SQL Server for GNU / Linux has the same versions and prices as Windows, ie they are available in Enterprise, Standard, Express, Developer and Web editions.

Among the most important new features of the 2017 version are the CLR assemblies, the IDENTITY_CACHE option of ALTER DATABASE SCOPED CONFIGURATION, improvements in processing to optimize the time in the work load of the application, automatic database tuning, new graphics database functionality and the option to specify the size of the initial tempdb file with a capacity of up to 256GB per file.

For more information on SQL Server 2017 and its availability for GNU / Linux see this article .



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