New command to simplify UDS Server and Tunnel configurations

by | Feb 10, 2021

In order to further simplify specific configuration tasks and improve usability for administrators, the development team has added a new command. This is the UDS Command, whose options and functionalities can be consulted by entering uds –h in the UDS Server machine:

Find below the different possibilities offered by the new command:

  • uds setup – Directly enables the configuration wizard via web to be able to modify any data that is necessary.

  • uds cert – Allows the installation of certificates on the server manually without re-launching the configuration wizard.

  • uds subscription – Designed to check the type of active subscription on the server and to modify it if necessary:

    • uds subscription status – Shows all the subscription data: edition, number of users, serial, expiration date…

    • uds subscription refresh – Updates the subscription status in case of renewal, increase in the number of users, move, for example, from Free to Enterprise, from UDS TS to UDS Enterprise… Just by executing this command from UDS Server, the version of the subscription is automatically updated, expanded, or changed.

  • uds security – Helps to reconfigure the credentials (username and password) of the UDS Enterprise superuser.

  • uds ip – Enables manual IP configuration of the Virtual Appliance: it allows consulting, assigning and resetting the server’s IP data.

The uds setup, uds cert and uds ip commands can also be used to check and apply configurations in the UDS Tunnel component.

Adding -h after the commands, the system shows the different options, formats and examples that can be executed with each one of them.

If you have any doubt about the UDS Command or any other question related to the UDS Enterprise VDI broker, contact our team at [email protected]



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