New UDS connector for vCenter: Automatic power on & snapshots

by | May 13, 2021

One of the improvements already incorporated in the latest stable version of UDS Enterprise is a new connector for vCenter. It has been designed to add advanced management capabilities to fixed machine pools.

As you know, these machines must exist within the VMware platform. In this case, UDS Enterprise is not responsible for its creation. The function of the broker is to add an important layer of administration and automation focused mainly on the tasks specified in this post.


One of the advantages of this new connector is the ability to turn on the machines automatically when a user requests access. Thanks to this integration, the UDS Enterprise software detects when a user makes a request to start using a machine and, through the API, transfers the order to the VMware platform to start said machine. All this without requiring third-party software.


Thanks to the interoperability of the UDS Actor with this new connector, it is possible to determine whether the machines will be persistent or not. If the UDS Actor is installed and a token is indicated, the system will detect when a user logs out and automatically release the machine and return it to the cache so that someone else can use it.

If no token is assigned, the machine will always be associated with the same user, so it will be a persistent service.


This new functionality is usually used when a token is employed, that is, when a machine is defined as non-persistent. For these cases, there is the possibility of enabling the option Use snapshots in the UDS Enterprise administration.

If we mark this field, when the system registers that a new user logs in a machine, it recovers the last snapshot that has been made. If UDS does not find a snapshot, it will take one before the first user accesses to use that restore point. In this way, every time a new user logs into a machine, it will be found in a specific state. No changes made by users will be saved, providing essential benefits in terms of security and usability.

On the one hand, in the event of any threat or failure, it will disappear as soon as the session ends. On the other hand, every time a new user accesses, he will always have a new machine optimized by the administrator.

This new connector is now available for use within VMware vCenter service providers registered in UDS Enterprise 3.0.

To solve any doubt about these new features or any other aspect of this software for VDI, vApp and remote access to virtual and physical machines, you can contact our team at [email protected]



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