New UDS demo platform with PCoIP

by | Sep 13, 2019

We recently reached an important agreement with Teradici to provide our customers with access to graphics-intensive virtual desktops and applications at an unbeatable price. All our EMEIA customers can enjoy up to 50% discount on Teradici Cloud Access Software licenses.

The goal of this promotion is to help all our customers overcome the main barrier to VDI adoption for workstations using graphics-intensive applications or VoIP. In many cases such workstations are not virtualized due to the high cost of the connection protocols that provide a good user experience in these scenarios. Thanks to our agreement with Teradici, it is now economically viable.

We’re happy to announce the availability of a comprehensive demo platform with UDS Enterprise and Cloud Access Software. Any interested user will be able to check first-hand the optimal performance at image and audio level, processing of large volumes of data… of the joint solution.

This new tool allows you to test the real user experience with our connection broker and the PCoIP protocol. The UDS Enterprise team will help you configure this demo platform according to your needs, so that you can experience the real performance of the applications that you need to virtualize.

If you’d like to request access to this new UDS Enterprise + Cloud Access Software Online Demo you just have to email us at [email protected]

Consult the terms and conditions of the UDS Enterprise + Teradici PCoIP promotion at [email protected]



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