Nutanix extends Datacenter automation capabilities

by | Nov 10, 2016

Nutanix announced during the first European event .NEXT Conference that it will extend its one-click Datacenter automation capabilities to include network visualization, security and orchestration.

The manager of hyperconverged infrastructures Nutanix Prism will provide a centralized visualization of the virtual and physical networks topology. IT teams will get a comprehensive view of how individual virtual machines are connected to the network infrastructure and will get health and performance statistics of the network environment.

Concerning security, Nutanix Acropolis Microsegmentation Services (AMS), which are integrated into the company’s cloud infrastructure stack, will inspect, monitor and govern communication flows between individual workloads to provide a more secure application environment. Application-specific policies will be defined within Nutanix Prism, giving IT teams a unified control plane to manage and secure communications between VMs, container-based applications and microservices running in a common environment.

In addition, Nutanix Acropolis provides simple and open APIs that allow for automated policy updates to top-of-rack (ToR) switches, application delivery controllers (ADCs) and firewalls based on application lifecycle events, providing Nutanix administrators a streamlined and automated application deployment workflow.
Product Availability

Network visualization and the initial set of APIs for network orchestration will be available by January 2017. The remaining capabilities are under development.

More information at the Nutanix blog



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