Open Source tools to protect enterprise networks

by | Oct 20, 2020

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The protection of computer networks against unauthorized access is one of the main handicaps of cybersecurity. It is essential for both system administrators of large corporations and IT managers of small and medium-sized companies, even to protect home networks. In any of these cases personal data and sensitive information are at stake, whose value is priceless.

In this article we are going to talk about two Open Source tools with all the necessary ingredients to become your best allies to protect your networks from both external attacks and possible human errors: Apache Syncope and Apache Metron.

Apache Syncope is an open source system for managing digital identities in business environments. It is an end-to-end solution: it manages the full identity lifecycle and its storage, provisioning engines or access to management capabilities. In addition, it includes functions to monitor and secure third-party applications.

It synchronizes users, groups and other objects. Users are considered the sum of virtual identities together with the account information that is fragmented in external resources. Groups are entities on external resources that support LDAP or Active Directory. The objects can be, for example, printers, services and sensors. The system also performs full reconciliation and live synchronization from external resources with workflow-based approval.

Apache Metron is an advanced security analysis tool that locates any type of anomaly that could compromise the integrity of the system. It provides a series of tools to deal with detected malware, phishing attacks….

Metron interprets security events in the standard JSON language, facilitating further analysis. It can identify, for example, actions such as the flagging of an email as suspicious by an employee, software downloads on corporate devices or security failures caused by a server outage. As an added value, it allows configuring security alerts, labels, and provides data enrichment, in addition to storing and indexing security events.

There are many other tools designed to prevent and deal with potential vulnerabilities in enterprise and home networks. The choice of Open Source programs has great advantages, since they keep vulnerabilities transparent and have the support of a global community of experts who collaborate to create a solid and verified code.




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