Police Corps of Andorra embraces UDS VDI for remote working


Jordi Giribet, IT Manager at the Police Corps of Andorra:

"We decided to trust UDS Enterprise for its ease of installation and deployment both at server and user level. We had the VDI platform up and running in hardly one week.”

  • Name: Police Corps of Andorra

  • Sector: Public

  • Number of employees: 325

  • Location: Principality of Andorra

During the first wave of Covid-19, the Police Corps of Andorra had to implement a remote working system so that their employees could carry out their professional activity from home in the most efficient and safe way. After analyzing the possible options, they resolved that the best approach to meet their specific requirements was to adopt UDS Enterprise to provide workers with connection to their computing environment using their own devices.

“We opted for VDI technology because we were already using server virtualization software. We decided to trust UDS Enterprise for its ease of installation and deployment both at server and user level. We had the virtualization platform up and running in hardly one week. It was really easy both to put it into operation and to learn how to use it,” explains Jordi Giribet, IT Manager at the Police Corps of Andorra.

Thanks to this technology, the general managers, the heads of the different departments and the administrative staff can avoid going to the police station to carry out their work, thus complying with the health recommendations of the moment.

The versatility of this connection broker has allowed them to customize the remote working method for the different groups of users, providing them with the tools they need through the system that best suits their needs. In some cases they work from home with virtual desktops. And users who need to use specific software installed on their police station devices access their computers remotely. The entire environment is managed centrally, through a single console accessible by web browser.

Specially aware of the security of their computer systems and the confidentiality of the data they handle, the IT department has made sure that the connections to both virtual desktops and office computers are duly shielded.

All connections are made through the tunnel provided by UDS Enterprise, which encrypts the information from end to end, guaranteeing that the data travel safely.
Each user can only view and access their own VDI settings. Regarding physical machines, we have made sure to allow remote connection only to users who are assigned a computer. Each worker only has permission to remotely use his or her own computer,” Giribet comments.


The IT team is clear that UDS Enterprise is a technology that has come to the Police Corps of Andorra to stay. “The ability to remotely access our work environment in a secure way has given us very high flexibility and changed the way we work. Before, employees had to be physically in the office to perform any task. Currently, there are many operations that can be performed directly through a computer connected to the Internet. The staff who are on duty on weekends are already carrying out many operations remotely, now they do not have to travel to the offices,” says the IT Manager.

Since they implemented their remote working system with UDS Enterprise, they have registered an increase in the efficiency of the entire workforce. Giribet highlights the great change it has brought about for IT professionals: “Now we can solve any technical issue in a very short time and without having to move from our computer.”

Quer System, the service provider of this organization, was the one who recommended the adoption of this VDI software to solve their challenges. As UDS Enterprise Gold Partner, they are highly qualified to assist the client throughout the implementation process. “The installation and advice work has been flawless“, appreciates Giribet.

Regarding their evaluation of the software, the Head of IT assures that “everyone is very satisfied with the usability and performance. We have been surprised by its easy use at the administration level and also by how easy it is for the end user. I recommend it 100%.”


  • Broker: UDS Enterprise

  • Hypervisor: VMware vSphere

  • Connection protocols: HTML5 and RDP

  • Authenticator: Internal

  • VDI OS: Windows

  • VDI access OS: Windows, Linux, macOS, iPad and Android tablets

  • Servers: Virtualized cluster with VMware

  • Storage: Fiber SAN accessible directly through virtualized servers

  • Network: High availability and all mechanisms for uninterrupted supply of electricity through UPS and generators



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