Project Lenix: an Open Source and free alternative to CentOS

by | Jan 8, 2021

After Red Hat announced that its free CentOS Linux distribution will be discontinued in late 2021, several distros are positioning themselves as interesting alternatives for enterprise environments in production. One of them is Project Lenix.

Developed by the creators of CloudLinux and powered by the community, Project Lenix is a 1:1 binary compatible fork of RHEL 8 . The idea is that all parts and versions of the software are easy to configure and totally free until at least 2029.

The first version of this standalone operating system will be released in the Q1 this year. It will be adapted to the releases made by Red Hat, so that compatibility with future versions of RHEL is ensured. Migration from CentOS to this new OS can be done by running a single command that performs all necessary key and repository changes.

The team behind Project Lenix is working to establish a community around this new OS. They offer the possibility of being able to get fully involved in this project, since as explained on their website, the board of directors will be made up of members of the community.

CentOS users have until the end of this year to follow Red Hat’s recommendation and switch to their new CentOS Stream edition. Another option is to explore other alternatives, such as the one we have presented in this article or, for example, Rocky Linux.

For more information about Project Lenix, consult their official website.



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