Proprietary code increasingly depends on Open Source

by | Nov 13, 2019

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35 companies belonging to the Global Fortune 50 ranking have contributed to Open Source projects during the last year. This data emerges from the annual report published by GitHub and, according to this platform, means that proprietary code depends largely on the Open Source community.

The report called Octoverse ensures that the accounts of organizations in GitHub already touch the three million worldwide and represent the collective work of companies, non-profit organizations and Open Source projects, among others.

It is only a small sample of the expansion of the Open Source community, since the number of people contributing to such projects in GitHub has grown by nothing less than ten million. The total number of contributors already exceeds 40 million and during the last year more than 44 million new repositories have been created.

This community joins efforts on issues as critical as security. Proof of this is that since November 2017, the date when GitHub security alerts were launched, more than 7 million vulnerabilities reported through this system have been resolved.

The Octoverse report allows us to know the trends in the world of software development. The most outstanding this year are:

  • Python has surpassed Java as the second most popular programming language among GitHub contributors.

  • Dart and Rust are in the top positions in the list of fastest growing languages.

  • During the last 3 years, the use of Jupyter Notebooks has experienced a growth of more than 100%.

  • TensorFlow contributors have gone from being 2,238 to forming a global community of 25,166 people.

For more information, see the full report The State of the Octoverse 2019 .



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