The quest for interoperability at Protocols Plugfest Europe

by | Apr 21, 2015

Protocols Plugfest Europe 2015 will be held next May 12, 13 and 14 at Zaragoza (Spain). This conference will bring together experts from leading technology companies and Open Source projects so that they can share visions, experiences and technical knowledge to help advance the industry in its quest for interoperability.

This event reinforces the collaboration on interoperability and protocols between Open Source and non-Open Source companies and projects. The agenda includes technical and business insights from Microsoft, Red Hat, CENATIC, SerNet, Dell, Collabora, KDE, FSFE, RavenDB, Kolab Systems, LibreOffice, Igalia, BlueMind, Bitergia, Samba, OpenChange, Libelium, Griffin Brown Publishing, id law partners and Hibernating Rhinos.

Ignacio Correas, Founder of Zentyal, the company that organises the conference, explained that “Open Source and cloud have been key for growing interoperability, and that’s why we will see show real live examples and case studies during Protocols Plugfest”. The keynotes include Héctor Sánchez Montenegro, National Technology Officer at Microsoft, sharing stage with Manuel Velardo, CEO at CENATIC, and Julien Kerihuel, CTO at Zentyal and Lead Architect of the OpenChange project.

As a collateral activity, the conference includes a Bring Your Own Device Interoperability Lab opened all day to test real implementations.

More info and registrations in the official website



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