Remote access to macOS with UDS Enterprise and NX

by | Oct 19, 2021

Virtual Cable has announced a partnership with NoMachine to integrate support for NoMachine NX technology into UDS Enterprise. This development enables remote access to devices with macOS operating system through UDS Enterprise from now onwards.

Thanks to the close collaboration between the two companies, users can enjoy a VDI solution that every day offers a better user experience when using virtual desktops, virtualized applications, or remotely accessing computers located in offices or educational centers. The technical teams of the two manufacturers have carried out the necessary tests to verify the compatibility of the products and the perfect interoperability between the two solutions.

By using UDS Enterprise with NoMachine Enterprise products, companies can deploy Mac, Windows, and Linux remote desktops, as well as their countless applications and services with high performance and flexibility. In addition, this collaboration offers an excellent experience when working with graphics-intensive applications, video and audio editing or 3D graphics.

This protocol joins the list of all those already supported by UDS Enterprise, which can be enabled to run simultaneously on the same platform to optimize costs and offer a personalized solution to each user (or groups users) within the same entity:

For graphics-intensive applications: NoMachine NX, PCoIP, and Nice DCV

Open source: XRDP, SPICE, and X2Go

Licensed: RDP, NoMachine NX, PCoIP, and Nice DCV

UDS Enterprise continues to be constantly updated in order to offer the greatest flexibility, freedom and security in the market. This latest integration will be available in the new version of the software, UDS Enterprise 3.5., which will be updated during the first quarter of next year.

Read and download the full press release.



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