Remote PC with UDS Enterprise: Demo

by | Dec 15, 2017

Remote PC is currently in the testing stage. Ramón Gómez Labrador, from the University of Sevilla, presented a complete demo of the project in the 44th edition of the RedIRIS Working Groups that was held at the end of last November at the Technical University of Madrid.

This project, developed by the University of Sevilla, consists of allowing remote access to the computers in the ICT laboratories of the University during non-school hours. This is one of the initiatives that have as a key axis the orchestrator for physical equipment OpenGnsys and that leverages the functionalities of UDS Enterprise VDI connection broker to remotely access devices on demand, through any device and from any location.

In his presentation, Gómez Labrador showed several videos that illustrate how to configure and access remote desktops. First of all, he explained how to configure the OpenGnsys server to activate database events and activate the remote access to the classrooms and the operating system images that will be available to users.

Next, he detailed the necessary steps to prepare a computer to be remotely accessible: activate Wake-On-Lan, install the operating system, OGAgent, activate remote access and create the image of the OS to which the users will access.

Finally, he revealed how to configure access to the remote desktop in UDS Enterprise, which requires several actions: install the UDS client, enable access in a certain time slot, activate the end of session notices when the schedule defined by the administrator for remote access is finished and schedule the subsequent automatic shutdown of the computers.

The developers of the project are already making the last tests at the University of Sevilla and, when they finish the testing phase, they will proceed to its implantation in this educational center and later it will be extended to other universities.

From the beginning , the developers have been presenting all the progress being made in the different editions of the RedIRIS Working Groups, since it is an initiative that attracts a great deal of interest in the educational community.



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