Remote working for free with UDS Enterprise VDI

by | Mar 13, 2020

The company VirtualCable, developer of UDS Enterprise, has decided to lend support to all the organizations that are being forced to implement a remote working system as a preventive measure to guarantee the well-being of its staff against Coronavirus.

The current health crisis is imposing many companies to quickly find a solution so that their employees can work from home. “We believe that we all have to put all the resources in our hands to prevent the situation from worsening. For this reason, we have decided to provide our VDI and vApp UDS Enterprise software free of charge to all companies, so that the process of acquiring a solution is not a barrier to offer their employees the possibility of teleworking, ” explains Félix Casado, CEO of VirtualCable.

This manufacturer will provide all SMEs that request it with a version at no cost for life for a maximum of ten users. “We know that small and medium-sized companies usually have fewer resources and that they are the most vulnerable ones to this type of crisis, so we want investment not to be an inconvenient for them to adopt the measures recommended by the Health Organizations worldwide,” says Casado. .

VirtualCable has also thought about public administrations and large corporations, which are subject to administrative procedures to be able to acquire a solution. This firm will supply their telecommuting software free of charge for the next six months, so that they can implement an efficient solution immediately.

Finally, any company will be able to use UDS Enterprise for free for the next three months. “We want to offer a global solution and that each company can choose the option that best suits their needs,” states the CEO of VirtualCable.

One of the advantages of this tool is the speed with which it is deployed, a key feature given the current situation. A large number of companies are having to enable remote working overnight. “With UDS Enterprise, any organization can get a telecommuting system up and running in one morning. To request the software, you just have to contact any computer distributor in your country, ” informs Casado.

VirtualCable, the company behind the UDS Enterprise connection broker for desktop and application virtualization, has broad experience. More than two thousand companies from more than one hundred countries, including educational centers, organizations belonging to the public administration and companies of all sizes and sectors, have been trusting the UDS Enterprise VDI broker for years.

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