Shall I be interested in Windows virtual desktops?

by | May 12, 2015

Windows or Linux? Many users have a clear reply, but for others the decision is not so easy.

So that you can evaluate the pros and cons of the two options for implementing a VDI platform, in this article you can see the advantages of Linux desktops and in this post you're reading we summarize the advantages of Windows operating systems:

-Standardization. Both the desktop and server versions of Microsoft Windows are currently the most frequently implemented operating systems. Many tools and applications are developed to be compatible with and easily integrated into this operating system.

-Unlimited services. Due to the popularity of the operating system, a large number of companies and an unlimited amount of technical experts can be found on the market offering support and maintenance services.

-Centralized management tools and administration. The operating system incorporates its own centralized administration and management console, to which different modules can be added. The manufacturers of additional management tools develop them so that they can be integrated into the management console, resulting in a very similar environment appearance and a rather flat learning curve of handling these types of tools.

-Easy application installation. Any user can easily install applications by using assistants.

With UDS Enterprise it is possible to connect to Windows virtual desktops using a wide variety of alternatives, including those which incorporate access via HTML5. Additionally, UDS Enterprise is responsible for automating the deployment of Windows virtual desktops, managing their lifecycles at all times.

Many of the processes managed by UDS Enterprise are carried out through an agent that runs on the Windows desktop, creating a connection channel with the operating system. This allows UDS Enterprise to acquire usage data from the machine at all times and perform controlled operations without interrupting user activity



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