Shortage of IT professionals skilled in Open Source

by | Oct 28, 2020

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The latest survey carried out by The Linux Foundation in collaboration with edX reveals that today there are still not enough professionals adequately trained in Open Source . Specifically, the report notes that 93% of hiring managers have difficulty finding qualified candidates to work with Open Source technologies. It is curious that this data has increased in the last two years, in 2018 was 87%.

Another conclusion to highlight is that specialized DevOps profiles have become the most demanded by organizations. 65% of those consulted assure that they will hire more experts in this area.

Knowledge of cloud computing is another of the most valued requirements today. The expertise in open cloud technologies gives job seekers more chances to get hired. It would place them ahead of other applicants in around 70% of cases.

If job applicants have certifications that prove their skills, they will have a better chance of being hired. 52% of human resources managers state that they prioritize those with certified diplomas.

As in most sectors, the effects of the pandemic have also been felt in the labor market. Hiring has decreased but the forecasts are encouraging. 37% of human resources departments will hire appropriately qualified IT professionals over the next six months.

The report also highlights that companies have opted to invest in online training for their employees during the health crisis. 80% of employers now offer Open Source software courses, up from 66% two years ago.

2020 Open Source Jobs Report analyzes the latest trends in Open Source careers, the most demanded skills, the motivations that influence the hiring of professionals specialized in Open Source and, among other things, the consequences of Covid-19 in the hiring forecasts.

You can read the full report here.

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