SIPEL: Remote working without incidents with UDS for all the staff


Armando Laguna, Systems Administrator of the IT Department of SIPEL:

"We set up the remote access infrastructure with UDS Enterprise on Friday, and on Monday, the entire company was working from home with zero incidents"

  • Name: SIPEL S.A.

  • Sector: Hairdressing products distributor

  • Number of employees: 70

  • Number of offices: 3

  • Location: Headquarters in Zaragoza and two offices in Madrid (Spain)

SIPEL is a benchmark in logistics and innovation at a national level in the hairdressing products distribution sector. It handles more than 11,000 orders per year for the Kemon brand, which reach the customer in a maximum of 48 hours. The IT department of this firm had been using the free version of UDS Enterprise for sporadic uses for years. And “seeing how well it had worked, when the pandemic started we decided to implement it so that all employees could work from home,” explains Armando Laguna, Systems Administrator of the IT Department of SIPEL.

The continuity of their service for over 2,000 clients spread throughout the Spanish geography was one of the issues that urgently needed to be resolved with the emergence of Covid-19. They wanted to take extreme precautions and ensure the safety of the entire workforce while continuing to provide impeccable service to their clients. “With UDS Enterprise, we were able to do it. It was set up on a Friday, and the following Monday, the entire company was working remotely comfortably from their homes with zero incidents,” says Laguna.

The versatility of UDS Enterprise allowed them to choose the form that best suited their needs to design and implement their remote working system. After assessing the benefits and suitability of desktop virtualization, application virtualization, and remote access to computers located in offices, they opted for the latter option.

90% of employees connect directly to their physical PC to work from Windows devices, using their personal computers. It is a big advantage. For users, it is a perfect method, since using the same computer that they employ in the company’s facilities, with the same programs and applications installed, the personalized settings … they do not perceive any change. They only win in comfort. The performance is the same, and the optimizations made by the IT team for each workplace are maintained,” indicates the Systems Administrator.

On the other hand, both those responsible for the organization and the IT team have the peace of mind that the data and systems of the company are safe while the workers access the equipment remotely. The intrinsic solid security mechanisms of UDS Enterprise are enough to guarantee the security of the entire corporate environment. “As all the connections made through this software are encrypted, and the information travels encoded from end to end, we have not had to implement any additional security measures,” tells Laguna.


At SIPEL they began to use UDS Enterprise occasionally thanks to the recommendation of their computer systems collaborator. Resolutive, UDS Enterprise Gold Partner, advised its adoption. “They use it in their company and have introduced it in many other organizations with which they collaborate. Their good experience encouraged us to try it,” states Armando Laguna.

Now, once they have implemented it on a massive scale, and have verified the great usefulness of this software and its many benefits, it has become an indispensable tool for their daily work.
“Currently, we are already working physically at our offices, but we are not considering stopping using UDS Enterprise by far. Some colleagues even take the opportunity to work outside operating hours if they have something pending to finish. If they need to work, they can do it at any time, from anywhere and using any device to access their computers as if they were in the company,” remarks Laguna.

The ubiquity of the workplace is an aspect highly valued by the entire SIPEL team. “The possibility of being connected to the company wherever you are and the option to connect outside working hours provide flexibility, facilitate conciliation, improve efficiency and productivity.”

UDS Enterprise has been and continues to be critical to the proper functioning of organizations during the health crisis. “It is clear that this technology has helped, among other things, so that this global pandemic did not paralyze activity,” concludes the Systems Administrator of the SIPEL IT Department.


  • Broker: UDS Enterprise

  • Hypervisor: VMware vSphere

  • Connection protocols: RDP and HTML5

  • Authenticator: Active Directory

  • Physical PCs OS: Windows

  • Access OS: Windows



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