South Korea will save costs by migrating to Linux

by | May 22, 2019

The South Korean government will stop using Windows on their computers and will install Linux on all its devices, according to The Korea Herald.

The Ministry of the Interior and Safety of this country said the only condition is that the tests that are going to be done with Linux are satisfactory and, above all, that there is no security issues. Before implementing it globally in the central administration, they will verify that it runs satisfactorily on private network devices without security risks and that it is compatible with the websites and software that they currently use, since they were developed for Windows.

The head of ministry’s digital service bureau, Choi Jang-hyuk, explained that they expect to save costs thanks to the adoption of this Open Source operating system and thus avoid relying on a single manufacturer and OS.

The decision to implement Linux is determined by the end of support for Windows 7, scheduled for January next year. The acquisition of Windows 10 licenses would mean a really high investment. In fact, the government of South Korea have calculated that it would be more expensive to acquire new licenses from Microsoft than to invest in the purchase of new computers and switch to Linux, which will cost about 655 million dollars.



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