Students in UTEC of El Salvador learn VDI with UDS Enterprise

by | Oct 24, 2018

The students of Systems and Computer Engineering and the Computer Science Degree of the Universidad Tecnológica of El Salvador (UTEC) are using the UDS Enterprise connection broker in the last stage of their studies to learn how to deploy and manage virtual desktops and applications. "I chose UDS Enterprise because of the large number of hypervisors it supports, I think it is very important that future professionals are aware of all the alternatives that exist and that they learn to select the most effective and efficient for each project", explained Víctor Cuchillac, Professor at the UTEC, the largest private University in El Salvador.

After testing with different VDI brokers, Cuchillac chose to use UDS Enterprise to train his students because it is a “simple to use, flexible, scalable and suitable technology to develop test scenarios. In addition, the free trial version incorporates all the features, something unusual”, he said.

The UDS Enterprise Team attended my request in a careful and personalized way, we have had meetings by videoconference to guide me in the installation and learn to use it before my lessons. They have also helped me to centrally provide UDS Enterprise Free Edition to all my students“, commented Cuchillac.

The extensive documentation on the VDI and vApp solution available in Spanish and English was another reason why this Professor at the UTEC decided to use this connection broker. “The documentation is usually only in English, the fact that it is also in Spanish makes it much easier for students and companies in El Salvador interested in implementing VDI”, he assured. “The fact that the product is a development made in Spain was also an additional plus, since I think it is interesting that the students prove that all the leading technologies don’t need to be developed in the EEUU“, he added.

All the students who are learning the ins and outs of desktop and application virtualization with UDS Enterprise will apply their knowledge in a research project that will focus on solving a real problem of a Salvadoran company or public institution. “Thanks to UDS Enterprise, these future professionals have all the tools to propose and implement a robust and flexible VDI and vApp solution that will help improve the productivity of Salvadoran organizations“, concluded Cuchillac.



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