Tackle the 5 common Linux problems

by | Jan 12, 2017

Although Linux installs and operates as expected for most users, inevitably some users will run into problems. Opensource.com posted these results after analyzing answers to a previous post on LinuxQuestions:

1. Wifi drivers (especially Broadcom chips) :

-Ascertain which Broadcom card you have by using lspci to find out the PCI ID.

-Determine whether the distribution you use supports that card.

-If it does, identify the proper way to get the card working.

2. Printer drivers (especially Canon and Lexmark):

-Research the OpenPrinting database and the official support channel for your distribution.

-Ensure all functionality of a device is fully compatible.

-Keep in mind that drivers are often only available on non-English websites.

-If you’re purchasing a new printer, research compatibility before you buy.

3. Video:

The most common video issues are:

-Video accelerators; the latest video cards and newest technologies, such as NVIDIA Optimus and ATI dynamic GPU switching; installation and stability of proprietary drivers.

-If you’re looking for a new laptop, be sure to research compatibility before your purchase.

-If you’re a gamer or need the highest-end graphics, you’ll need to know exactly what your requirements are and start your research there.

4. Audio:

Audio has been easy to configure and reliable under Linux for a while. The best advice is to use one of the dedicated audio-related distributions if you need high-end real-time audio.

5. Installation:

-The vast majority of installs go as expected and most supported hardware is attempted and you can easilly find answers to common issues in blogs for communities and distributions.

-Keep in mind that end users rarely install other operating systems, such as Mac OS and Windows, as they come pre-installed on new devices.

Source: opensource.com



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