Task scheduling in UDS Enterprise

by | Jan 31, 2017

UDS Enterprise incorporates a system of access through calendars, they allow to enable or restrict the access of users to services such as virtual desktops and virtual applications by time and date.

With the use of calendars it is also possible to schedule and automate certain tasks on a service pool. You could make new publications, adjust the values ​​of the cache system or change the maximum number of services.

To create a calendar, click on “New” in the “Calendars” section and indicate a descriptive name to identify the calendar. Within a Calendar you can register several types of rules in which you could schedule the availability of services at certain times.

To create a rule, select a calendar and click on “New”. The minimum parameters to configure in a Rule are:

Name: Name of the rule

Event: Configuring runtimes

Repeat: Set each when the rule is repeated.

Summary: Displays a summary of the entire configuration.

With UDS Enterprise calendars, in addition to enabling or denying user access, you can configure scheduled actions:

-Adjust initial services.

-Modify cache size and cache L2.

-Change the maximum number of services.

-Make new publications.

To see the full configuration check our installation and user guide manual, section 4.7, page 205.



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