Teradici PCoIP, honored with Engineering Emmy Award

by | Nov 5, 2020

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Teradici has received one of the Engineering Emmy Awards granted by the Television Academy. These awards recognize the work of individuals, companies and organizations that develop solutions related to the audiovisual sector. They reward technological innovation that materially affect television production, recording, transmission or reception.

This year, four organizations that have helped the sector meet the challenges of the pandemic were distinguished. Teradici with its PCoIP technology has helped content creators to continue to carry out their work from home. This solution allows establishing remote connections to workstations, delivering an uncompromising user experience for graphics-intensive workloads.

The PCoIP protocol is one of those supported by UDS Enterprise. The union of these two technologies makes it possible to deploy Windows and Linux virtual desktops and applications with unbeatable image and audio quality. This joint solution is truly useful for users working with graphics-intensive or data-intensive applications. This is the case of professionals who are dedicated to video editing, post-production of all kinds of images, 3D modeling, creation of visual effects, healthcare professionals in charge of visual diagnostic studies…

The optimal performance at the image and audio level adds to all the advantages provided by UDS Enterprise. This broker provides an automation layer that allows to manage and deploy virtual desktops and applications in a highly efficient way. It also brings flexibility, as it is compatible with virtually any virtualization platform, authentication system and connection protocol in the market. This freedom of choice also extends to access devices, including zero and thin clients, and to the environments chosen for their deployment, which can be on-premise, public, private and hybrid cloud.

The easy scalability is another of the strengths of the infrastructures with UDS Enterprise, which can be expanded little by little, attending to the needs of each moment thanks to its competitive subscription system by number of users.

All these benefits can be tested with no obligation by requesting one of the free trial versions of this VDI software. There’s also a demo environment with PCoIP available to our entire community. The access request can be made through [email protected].

At this link you can watch the recording of a webinar in which experts from Teradici and Virtual Cable (UDS Enterprise developer company) expose the virtues of the joint solution and carry out a comprehensive technical demo.



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